Learning About Higher Education

  1. I attend the Oxford College of Emory University which is a Liberal Arts College. We focus on the undergraduate program while pursuing the bachelor’s degree.
  2. I am most interested in the business program because I have experience through internships that worked with business marketing. The Goizueta Business School at Emory University offers a high-level program which caught my eye as well.
  3. The Goizueta Business School was a partial reason of why I chose to attend Oxford College. I knew I would have a great opportunity after my 2 years at Oxford College which is why I became attracted to Oxford College.
  4. I am currently taking Microeconomics, Spanish 201, English 185, and Transition to Calculus. I chose these classes because they are required to fulfill my requirements. Microeconomics and Calculus are also required classes you must take in order to get in into the business program. There is a wide variety of classes to choose from, but I felt like these classes allowed myself to have a balanced schedule while still taking classes required for the business program.
  5. Some of the factors I considered while choosing my classes was how much time I would need for each class. I didn’t want to over load my schedule and have a rough time balancing all of my work. I also factored in which classes I need in order to fulfill my requirements for the business school. I had some sophomores help me decide which classes to take because they already have lots of experience in the process of choosing classes.
  6. The goals I hope to achieve at Oxford College include learning more about the real world through hands-on experience. I want to stretch my knowledge about the work and job world, so that when I am out of college, I will be hired and ready for any job. I hope to grow as individual and develop into a man who is well-prepared for the real world.
  7. I will take all the classes necessary relating to my major so that I will be able to learn as much as possible. I will apply for many internships that allow me to work hands-on in the business world as a student. Other steps I will be taking are learning from my own mistakes and maximizing my resources around me.
  8. “As Oxford College Human Resources staff, we seek to support the strategic plan of the institution by attracting, supporting, and retaining quality people to a place in the heart of Emory by building and continuously improving the personnel infrastructures necessary to create a welcoming campus community; by providing support to increase faculty and staff satisfaction in the life and work of the Oxford College community; and by providing competitive compensation, professional development, and a caring, supportive and healthful work environment.”

My goals relate to the mission statement of Oxford College because they state that they want to provide professional development and a supportive, healthful work environment. This relates to my goal because it can help me prepare for the real world while having a strong support system I can use as my resources.

Humanities: Humanities is the study of human interaction and explanation of why humans act the way they do. We study humans through observing and understanding the observations.

Social Sciences: Social sciences focuses on how relationships form between individuals. We can look on how different types of cultures within certain societies form.

Natural Sciences: It is a focus on the natural world and world beyond Earth. Through different types of science, we study our experiments done in sciences such as chemistry, biology, physics, etc.

Applied Fields: This subject is focused on hands-on experience and jobs that relate to real world necessities. They can all be related to the topics listed above, but have their own specific background.


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