Reflection Essay- Rhetoric

Writing is used our everyday lives and sometimes we don’t realize it. When we think of writing, many of us think of multiple page essays although we write in every day situations. Rhetorical writing is one of the common things everyday people in our society do. Rhetorical text persuades the reader directly or indirectly. Everyday scenarios include sending a text to someone, posting a social media post with a clever caption, or even writing job applications. All of these examples are different types of rhetorical texts, even with the different types of words and tones used in each setting. Any type of these texts always have a strong purpose for an intended audience. They can either be a very strong persuasive piece of writing such as an essay of why a company should hire a job applicant, or a softer text such as posting a picture on Instagram of a family strolling in the park. Either way, they are forms of rhetorical writing.

Not only do we write rhetorically, we always read, but not always rhetorically. Reading in a rhetoric way is paying close attention to what you’re reading and trying to understand why the author is writing this. If we pay attention to the four different types of elements (author, audience, topic, and purpose) and how they connect, then we are in a process called rhetorical analysis which is one step closer to what we call critical thinking. When we write rhetorical context, we factor in those 4 elements we pay attention to while reading. As a writer, it is important to focus on what audience you are focusing on, why you are writing about this, what is the topic about, and what is the writer trying to tell the audience. It is important to put all of these into factor when we write about anything in our daily lives.

We read and analyzed a piece of rhetorical writing from George Bush, who was writing to Saddam Hussein in regards to withdrawing from the war in Iraq. We noticed that Bush was clear and concise with his points towards Hussein, making him the primary audience. Bush also mentioned other parts of the world in his writing, making them the secondary audience. Overall, the tone of this speech was very strong and his purpose was laid out specifically. Bush, as the author, made it clear what is topic was, who he was reaching out towards to, and lastly why he was writing this letter. Being able to learn and read an example of what rhetoric writing was, I realized that it used everyday.



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