Chapter 4

Collecting Primary Evidence:

I was collecting data from an interview I had with my RA. Through this interview I was trying to understand how Oxford can be so beneficial to students and how it changes your perspective on life. I wanted to know the keys to success as a first-year college student and what steps to take in order to be in the right direction for the upcoming years.

I collected data by recording our interview through my phone. After our interview, I went back and listened carefully and took observations of the main ideas my RA was trying to explain. I wouldn’t change any way to collect data for this research project. I believe that interviewing in person is the most efficient way to collect data for this type of research question.


Round 1: Hurricane Irma (107,000,000 results)

Round 2: Hurricane Season (275,000 results)

Round 3: Hurricane Atlantic Ocean (160,000,000 results)

Round 4: Effects of Hurricane Irma (110,000,000 results)


I noticed that using key words when searching up certain topics will have a large effect on the number of hits you receive. As we can see up top, ‘hurricane’ was used in all of the rounds and resulted in a large number of hits. Then I realized how putting a more specific term will increase your number of hits, such as ‘Irma’ or ‘Atlantic Ocean.’ The advice I would give to other students is to really know what you are trying to search because it will be a lot easier inserting certain types of key terms while searching it.


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