Reflection of Beads

When I watched the documentary on beads were made in China, it definitely opened my mind a lot. I did not expect and realize the conditions the workers in China have to go through to produce all the beads we have here in America. It is definitely sad to think about how many Americans take all the beads for granted as we throw and leave them all over the ground. The hours of hard work the Chinese people have to put in making beads for us to have them at certain parties or occasions are definitely mind-blowing. We often don’t think about how or where our products we buy come from.

Hearing the stories of the workers in China hit me hard because their working conditions are brutal. They aren’t allowed to talk, have minimal breaks, and have to work for 15 hour shifts. The workers are all very young and don’t even have an education which saddens me. I could never imagine working in those situations especially how hard the workers work and how precise they are. The documentary was very informative, but it targeted the Americans in a very bad way. It is a tough world and there is not anything we can do to make the situations easier for the workers in China. We just accept the harsh reality and continue to live our lives.


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