Rhetorical Analysis of an Academic Article

In the article, “Sports Marketing: An Examination of Academic Marketing Publication,” structure, language, and reference will help me analyze the article. In structure, I will be trying to understand the main claim of the article and what the main purpose of this article is about. Through language, I will determine whether the article used passive voices or active voice. With reference, I will take notice to the citations the authors used, documentation style, and what the purpose of the different citations are. The goal of this article is to see the development and impacts of the sports industry.

The article begins with the history of the sports industry, dating back to Ancient Rome that included the gladiators. It also included the effects of how the Olympics began to become a huge business that generated a lot of revenue. It gradually flows into the size of the sports industry and discusses all the factors that are included in the sports industry such as different non-sport products being sold at sporting events. The way this paper is structured in the first two paragraphs approach the audience by making them realize how big of an industry the sports world is. The main claim of this paper is to explain the effects, opportunities, and potential growth there is in the sports industry.

I would describe this writing in this article as a passive voice. They provided many examples of how the sports industry continues to grow using the passive voice. The way they described the subjects were based off of how the subject was acted upon. The article targets not any specific audience, but the general population. They are trying to inform the importance of sports marketing in our world and what role it plays in our business society.

The authors of this article used many different parenthetical references throughout the whole article. The references stated many statistics of past Olympics and how much revenue was generated through sponsorships, event booths, advertising, etc. The purpose of these references help the authors get their point across with evidence which will allow the audience to engage even more into the reading. They used references whenever they needed a few facts and evidence to support their claim about the growth of the sports industry.

After analyzing this article, I noticed at the different techniques these authors used to target and engage the audience. I felt that the use of statistics from their references were the most helpful because a reader loves to read about numbers and facts. They become more attracted to their argument and tend to side with them because numbers never lie. They did a great job of writing the article in chronological order, starting from Ancient Rome to present day. It gave a brief understanding of where the sports industry stood before and where it stands now. They could gave a few more real life examples with the topics they covered, but overall, the strategies the authors used were very effective.



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