Comparative Rhetorical Analysis

As I have a lot of interest in the sports industry, science and weather draw a lot of attention to me. A very active hurricane season has affected many areas this year in the Atlantic Ocean. In the article, “Impact of Atlantic…India/Sahel Rainfall and Atlantic Hurricanes,” I will use the same processes I used in my last article I analyze, but I will now compare the different writing styles between the “Sports Marketing” and “Hurricane” articles. Noticing the structure, language, and reference will help me compare and contrast the two articles.

The structure between the two articles are similar where they slowly introduce the idea while flowing into the analyses and impacts of the idea. In the “Hurricane” article, they discuss and state the linkages between global warming and total amount of rainfall each year. The authors shift their focus to analysis of the hurricanes through many graphs while trying to notice different patterns through time periods and they try to find if there are any relationships. This article is more scientific based than the article about sports marketing as they use more graphs and scientific data. Although the topics are different, the structure is fairly similar.

The language between both articles is very different. The scientific article used an active voice while the other used a passive voice. I could tell that through the “Sports Marketing” article, the authors goal was to inform the audience about how big the sports industry in this world is, especially on the business side. While on this article,  it was more scientific-based, trying to prove a point through data and analysis. There topics are very different which is a big reason why their targeted audiences are different and how they phrase their sentences are different.

Between both articles, they used many references throughout the writing. I noticed that more references were used in the hurricane article. The reason for this is because they had to include statistical data which was taken from another source. Using references proves a point to the audience, telling them the true facts. Again here, the references in both articles are to show the audience real data to help them support their point.

After analyzing both articles, there were a lot of similarities and differences. The authors have the same idea when trying to approach and engage the audience. They used the same structures through their articles to keep their writing in a smooth flow. The only thing that caused differences were the topics being covered. One was more scientific based which targets a whole new audience. Overall, the authors have the same tendencies so that they can keep the writing interesting, it is only a matter of the topic that will cause the differences.



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