Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, we learned about how to analyze writing by using rhetorical context. There were 4 topics we paid attention to and they consisted of author, audience, topic, and purpose. As an audience, we can look at these 4 topics to help us understand the writing more. Through author, we tend to focus on the background of the author and what he or she bring the to writing. In audience, we pay attention to who the author is writing towards to. By doing this, we can understand why the author is saying what he or she are saying throughout the writing. Then, we shift our focus to topic. In topic, we look at what the text is focusing on. We look for what the issue is in the text. Lastly, we take a look at purpose. Through purpose, we try to understand why the author wrote this text.

Another topic we focused on in this chapter was using structure, language, and reference. We use these three categories to help us analyze academic writing. In structure, we look at how the author structures the paper and sees what order the writing is in. In language, we examine whether the paper was written in the passive voice or active voice. In active, the subject carries out the action while the action is put on the subject in passive. Lastly, in reference, we take a look at if the author refers to another’s work to help support their claims.



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