Chapter 6

Strategies for Close Reading and Observation:

1st Step: Take Notes on a separate piece of paper. Elaborate when you come across something meaningful

2nd Step: Content/Form-Response Grid- State what happens in the text and then your interpretation of the text

Humanists study events through texts. They often draw theories of interpretation to help them understand the concept through a different perspective. When they read, they use close observation and try to understand the deep meaning of the text.

We also learned about developing effective thesis statements. Developing a strong thesis statement is important because it asserts what the author wants to prove. It can catch the reader’s attention and make them understand what the author really wants to the audience to learn.  To see if you provided a strong thesis statement, we can ask ourselves some questions. The first question is: Is the thesis debatable? The Second is: Is the thesis significant? The third is: Does the thesis contribute to an ongoing scholarly conversation?


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