Animal Behavior

As a class today, we observed four giant pandas from the Atlanta Zoo. The pandas were very slow, drowsy, and slept for a long time. They are large and round bears that do not do much activity. I observed them sleeping on logs and walking around their area slowly. The pandas are black and white with thick fur. I noticed that they loved to eat the leaves off the branch. Not only do they love eating, they love laying on their backs and doing nothing. These pandas live a very relaxing life and it seems as if they have no energy.

Although the pandas seem very lazy and uncoordinated, they do have a lot of balance. They were able to sleep on a thin log for a very long time without falling. Since these pandas eat leaves, they do not need have a fast and crazy lifestyle. Having a plant-based diet allows the pandas to live a very relaxed and calm life. The pandas also have a great relationship with each other. I saw them playing around with each other on the tire swing and I think that this keeps them entertained.


Research Questions:

  • Will feeding them a different diet change their behavior?
  • Will increasing the area of the pen increase their activity?

I think that these questions are important because we never really know what the pandas really want to do since we confine them in such a small pen. I think that it would be interesting to see if we altering a few variables in their lifestyle will change their overall behavior.

Image result for panda cam zoo atlanta


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