Civic Engagement Essay

On December 1st, we had to have our finishing touches on our civic engagement essay. I was able to receive amazing feedback from Professor Wang. Initially, I wrote seven pages on my research and how it supported my argument. My content was very informational, but Professor Wang gave me a lot of advice. She held a workshop after classes from 1pm to 5pm in the library.

I was able to attend the workshop and some help on my essay. She provided a lot of food and drinks for her students which made it very welcoming. I thought that my essay was near perfection until Dr. Wang provided key points I need to have to improve it. The importance of formatting correctly in a research paper is very high. I have not done APA formatting before so there was actually a lot of stuff I needed to improve on. My in-text citations were wrong and Dr. Wang gave a booklet that provided the right information for me to correct my mistakes. Dr. Wang also advised me to label each figure/graph in my essay. After working and fixing my mistakes at the workshop, I felt even more confident about my work done in my essay.

In the IG textbook, I realized there was a section where they show the difference between APA and MLA format. They show examples of how in-text citations should be done for each format. I never knew they had a difference and thought it would be exactly the same. Looking at this information, it helped improve my essay and have it in the correct format at the end of the paper.


Image result for mla vs apa clipart


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