Experiment Freewrite

During my English 185 course, we were assigned to observe pandas in the Atlanta Zoo. We watched the live broadcast of the pandas in the zoo and observed their movements and behaviors for about an hour. The purpose of this observation was to observe and speculate about the behavior and tendencies we noticed from the three pandas in the zoo.

Research Questions:

  1. Would increasing the size of the pen increase activity of the pandas?
  2. Would changing their diet increase their activity?

I do not believe that changing their diet or increasing the size of the pen would change the behavior of the pandas. Pandas are known to be lazy and spend their time laying down, sleeping, and eating. Increasing the size of the pen may act as an incentive for the pandas to walk and play around more but I do not think that will have a dramatic effect on the pandas’ behaviors. It would be interesting to see whether or not the pandas will act differently if we changed those variables.

Hypothesis: If we increase the size of the pen or change the diet of the pandas, the behavior and activity will not change dramatically from the pandas.

I enjoyed this observation because I have a passion for animals. I love watching the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet in my free time so being able to watch the pandas interact with each other was very amazing.


Image result for pandas atlanta zoo


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