Reading and Writing in the Social Sciences

We began Chapter 7 talking about the roles of professionals in the fields of the social sciences. We learned that in the social sciences, we understand why we do the things we do and also the processes that come along with it. Some of the fields of study that are involved in the social sciences are sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, communication studies, and others.

The difference between the social and natural sciences is that the research based off of different things. For example, the natural sciences are based of laboratory results while the main thing for social sciences is that their research is based off of theories. The two main theories are, theories of human behavior and human systems. When scientists need to explain about a certain phenomena, they use these theories to help them with their reason and explanation. It is important to note that these theories are not laws, but they are just explanations that continue to change as new research and social phenomena develop.

The example they gave was about Culture Shock. It was pretty interesting to read about because I could directly relate to it. I had a similar experience when I first visited Oxford, Georgia. I am from the Bay Area, California. A very liberal, fast pace area. I grew up there my whole life and got used to the lifestyle on the west coast. Visiting Georgia shocked me. The pace felt much slower, and the landscapes were very different. The diversity was very little compared the California. I felt as if I was the only Asian in town, while I walked around a few stores in Oxford. I adjusted after a few days but it definitely shocked me at first.

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