Chapter 7

As we began to prepare more for our civic engagement project, we learned more about different types of methods we should follow as we conduct our research. We concluded that there three different types of research methods that social scientists use to collect their data.  The three methods include Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed.


The research method here focuses on collecting numerical data and finding different types of statistics. Based on the data received, we can retrieve data such as means, modes, and medians.


This research relies on language and observation. We can retrieve these types of information through interviews, observations, surveys, and document analysis.


The research method here focuses on both qualitative and quantitative.


We also reviewed over the IMRAD format. The IMRAD format stands for Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. The IMRAD format helps scientists report their findings in a conventional way. The Introduction has information that includes the background of the topic and will likely find evidence from the researcher’s findings. Also, you will see the purpose and hypothesis in the introduction as well. In the Methods section, The researchers provide the different types of the methods they used in their experiment. They provide information and detail to reduce bias. They expand on how their data was then analyzed and interpreted. In the Results section, scientists use headings and subheadings for each of their findings. This way, it is more organized and easier to read. Data tables and graphs are often used in the results section, showing the results retrieved from the experiment. In the Discussion section, the researchers reflect on their work and see how they can improve on their next project. They may also lay groundwork for their next piece of work.

After doing my research, I realized that I used a mixed-methodology research. I was able to get observation based answers and also numerical data.

Image result for imrad



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