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Through this first semester, I have been able to maintain an internship with a sports marketing company. Part of my job is to write blogs for their websites. The topic for this week was to write a high school recruiting “horror” story that I’ve been through. It was an interesting topic to write about because I usually write about advice for different types of recruits. It had to be five paragraphs long so I began to write. I wrote about the time where I sprained my ankle on the very first hour of a invitational basketball camp from Pomona-Pitzer, in Claremont, California. It became very easy for me to write because I was very passionate about the subject. I realize that subjects that I am very passionate about, I can write very fast. I wrote a quick outline and wrote the five paragraphs in 20 minutes.

I would like to share the recruiting “horror story” here:

Recruiting Horror Story

An invitation to an exclusive camp from a college coach is a huge step and accomplishment for any recruit. I was being recruited by Pomona-Pitzer college in Claremont, California and was invited to their Elite Camp Being from Northern California. I had exchanged a few emails and phone calls with the coaches prior to the invitation. I drove down with my dad the day before the camp started. The camp was a one-day showcase that lasted for about six hours. As an excited and anxious recruit, I could not help but smile while having many butterflies in my stomach.


The day has come. I’ve waited months for this day to happen so that I could prove my skills and show what I was all about to the coaches. I took a few steps into the gym and felt completely overwhelmed. Before the workout started, my dad and I had a few words with the coaches. I was about an hour early, so I decided to go through my warm-up routine with sharp precision. My shots were feeling great, my ball-handling felt smooth, and my legs were as fresh as possible. Then, the whistle blows. Everyone heads to center court. It was finally my time to show out. I had the mindset of a cheetah, right as it hunts for its prey. It was go time.


We went through a few warm-up drills which featured shooting, passing, and defense. I started the workout amazing. All of my shots were falling, I was playing solid defense, and the coaches showed their recognition by using my name as an example. As we progressed into more scrimmage type drills, the coach had us go through 3 on 3 drills. It wasn’t until an hour later  where this all took a 180 degree turn. The worst possible situation for a recruit happened. I was cutting through the lane and all of sudden, “AGHH!” I had rolled my ankle. I could not help but limp off the court and walk straight to the trainer’s room.


I sit on the trainer’s table, pondering about how this could not happen at a worse time. With a determined mindset, I told the trainer to tape me up so that I could get out there and show perseverance and determination to the coaches. I was in a lot of pain, but I knew I had to show the coaches my skills. Welp. Unfortunately, that was probably a poor decision I made. I finished the rest of the workout, sounds like it wasn’t too bad then right? Incorrect, playing through my injury was a terrible decision. I was missing shots left and right, I couldn’t run full speed, I had turnover after turnover, and I was slacking on the defensive end. To say the least, I did not impress the coaches.


My excitement for the camp was completely shot down and overshadowed by sprained ankle. I was able to chat with the coaches after the workout and they were very kind about me taking care of my ankle. I knew they understand I was playing through my injury, but the level of play from me was at an all-time low. My performance was definitely one NOT to remember and I knew I had not impressed the coaches. As a recruit, it was a frustrating, but humble experience. Since I was not being recruited by many colleges, I wanted to make each one count. As my dad and I drive back up to Northern California, I had to accept what had happened and had to look forward. To this day, I would say that I couldn’t have any worse luck on that day. Always remember, things can have a complete 180 degree turn any second.


Writing this blog was very entertaining for me because it brought back many memories in my life. It reminded of the ups and downs in life and to never get too low, and never get too high!

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