The Stressful Week of 11/27-12/1

As I prepare for finals, I encountered one of the most stressful and painful weeks of my life. All year long, I have been doing a great job of managing my time and completing all of my work on time. This was the week directly after Thanksgiving break. I had a strong mindset about finishing strong and to remain focused for the last few weeks before we head off to Christmas Break. I knew that this week was going to be very stressful, but I was ready to tackle it.

The week consisted of a ten page English paper, a Math 110 test, a five minute Spanish presentation, many small assignments from Economics and my Internship, and three basketball games. I needed to take each assignment one-by-one and finish each one. As Monday approached, I became very sick.  I had a rough cough, lots of congestion, and large headaches. It was definitely the worst time to get sick.

Not only did all of these obstacles pile up, I had a very hard time falling asleep. On Wednesday night, I had a very hard time falling asleep, and was only able to sleep for about five hours. I became even more drowsy and it became very difficult to focus and concentrate on anything. Knowing that my math test and Spanish presentation was the next day, I was very stressed out. EVEN WORSE, I could NOT sleep until 6AM! I was having a terrible night. I was frustrated that I could not sleep which kept feeding into the no sleep. In addition to Friday’s struggles, I also had to touch up on my essay. My body was at it’s breaking point. I could not function any longer and I knocked out for two hours.

To say the least, it was a very frustrating and tiring week. I had constant headaches and had a lot of trouble focusing. I think stress was a huge factor in this problem. I had trouble sleeping which was most likely because of my coughing and thinking of upcoming assignments. Overall, I was able to close out the week (stress-filled) and got a lot of sleep on the weekend. This week was definitely one of the hardest weeks I ever went through.

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