Chapter 8

As we dive into Chapter 8, we were introduced to the Natural Sciences. In the natural sciences, researchers use systematic observations for their studies. Through this type of observation, the researcher tries to take out any bias about the subject. The researcher just tries to record everything by using five senses and nothing else.

We also were introduced to different types of writing. Descriptive Writing and Speculative Writing. Descriptive Writing deals with actions that deal with the outcome of an observation. Speculative Writing tries to explain why or how something acts the way it does. This is usually associated with the research questions and hypotheses. The way researches complete this is by observing then describing.

The concept of replicability was also mentioned when talking about different research methods and how it’s important to the production and continuation of scientific inquiry. It is important because if many scientists are able to find the same findings, it will help the discovery become huge. There are three different types of aspects that will help replicability.

The first one is Detail. In detail, the level of detail must be very meticulous so that other scientists are able to repeat their findings. It is important because it contributes to scientific knowledge. The second one is Hypotheses. In hypotheses, many scientists have different hypotheses and thoughts. It is important to replicate so that we know which scientists are correct. The last one is Precision. Precision is important because researchers must be precise with their work. The numbers and words must be accurate and precise with their research.

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