Chapter 9- Applied Fields

In chapter 9, we were introduced to the Applied Fields. The applied fields focus on practical knowledge and prepare students for very specific careers. Most of the preparation includes hands-on training. Some of the applied fields include: business, sports psychology, law, education, nursing, counseling, and engineering. I was very intrigued because I am pre-business. I also have a strong interest in sports psychology and have always wanted to pursue a career in that direction. Being able to learn more about the applied fields excited me and made me very interested to learn more.

As we shifted into the Rhetoric and the Applied Fields, we talked more about the writing side in the applied fields. Everyone will encounter different types of writing in their careers, but they will all be different from one another. In order to analyze the writing situation correctly, we should ask ourselves three questions. The first question is Who is my Audience? Understanding your audience is very important because the the content in the writing needs to be matched up with the audience. The second question is Is there an appropriate genre that I should rely on to communicate my information? We should answer this question because it will help you decide what type of writing we should use to communicate information. Also, it is important to keep your purpose clear-cut. The last one is, Are there additional conventional expectations I should consider for the kind of writing task I need to complete? This can help the writer determine what type of information they need in order to fulfill their audience’s needs.

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