Internship Sales Pitch

I was able to do various tasks with my internship that prepare me for the real world. One of the rotations I was in dealt with Marketing, and how we need to develop marketing skills in order to be successful in the business world. In my marketing rotation, an assignment we had to do was to make a sales pitch. We had to understand the company and provide a mock sales pitch to the CEO of the company. I had to pitch to the CEO as if she was an athletic director at a high school, and pitch to them why we they should use our company as a resource.

At first, I was terrified and did not want to do this. As I began to work on it, I noticed that it takes a lot of practice and confidence with a sales pitch. The tone of the voice is very important in order to capture the audience. I executed the sales pitch very well and the CEO said I did a phenomenal job. It was a definitely an amazing experience that has prepared me a lot for the future. The sales pitch was my favorite part about the internship. I never imagined I would have to do that as a college student, but I am very grateful that I was able to have that opportunity.

As a college student, I think it is crucial for students to engage in the real-world and attempt at receiving a few internships. Internships teach students real world stuff, while students don’t learn that in the classroom in classes. The work given in an internship is much more practical and more hands-on than any test or reading given in a classroom setting. I have already have two internships and they have been so beneficial. They have helped me prepare for the real world in many different ways.

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