Preparation for Finals/Snow

As I begin to prepare for my first college finals, I have started to feel pressure and stress. I felt very overwhelmed at first, and did not know where to start. I took a few deep breaths and decided to write out my schedule for the next week. I wrote out what I need to study for, the type of material I need to study for, all on a calendar. I have two huge finals, Microeconomics and Transition to Calculus. Both of those classes I have low B’s so it is important that I perform well on these finals so that I can maintain my B. Writing out my study plan made me feel less stressed and more organized. I am doing a great job of completing the study plan as of right now and I need to continue studying hard.

I also incorporated many study breaks in between to help my body recover and relax. Some study breaks included small naps, food breaks, and even going off-campus to eat. In addition to studying, this week, Atlanta experience a lot of snow. Personally, I was very disappointed because Oxford received a minimal amount while other parts of Georgia are covered in snow. I am from California, so I do not experience snow in the winter. I was hoping to see snow all over campus, but unfortunately it did not happen. Hopefully after break, we will experience some more snow!

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